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SharePoint Intranets

Using SharePoint and other apps in Office 365, it is possible to create an intranet that caters to your particular business needs in a modern interface. 

SharePoint Modern Intranets

SharePoint has undergone a complete transformation over the last couple of years. The look and feel and functionality of SharePoint has been redeveloped to provide editors and users with a modern looking Intranet and a new editing experience and new web-parts to match. It is now possible to create a highly engaging, good looking Intranet in SharePoint without using any code.

There are a few key SharePoint web-parts that any Intranet will likely make use of, these include news web-parts, social feeds from Yammer and Twitter, and quick links to relevant content. User specific content such as recent documents and recent sites can be shown to the user to provide a more engaging experience.

Information and knowledge contained in your business is more valuable than ever. Being able to disseminate, consume and find this information and knowledge helps you employees to be more productive and engaged.

ThinkShare can help to create an Intranet for your business in SharePoint / Office 365, our past projects act as best practice so that we are able to save you time and effort by avoiding common issues.  If you would like an initial discussion about your Intranet project please get in touch using the contact form or give us a ring.

Custom Developed/Coded Intranets

Sometimes the out of the box controls in SharePoint will not meet your Intranet requirements and these controls need to be extended or a new solutions need to be created using the Modern Framework in SharePoint. Our development team have experience of creating these custom solutions and Controls. All our projects are based on our Intranet Framework that speeds up the development process and allows us to rapidly build your Intranet.  Your brand can be one of the most important aspects of an Intranet project and our designers can work with you to create pixel perfect branded SharePoint templates. 

We have experience in building complicated information architectures that better represent your business. Commons templates that we create include Team Sites, Project Sites and pages for Departments. Web parts that we create can integrate into the data underlying Office 365 to provide a bespoke experience to your users. 

Out of the Box Intranets

Out of the box Intranets take the Modern SharePoint experience a step further. They provide all the functionality that you would expect of a SharePoint Intranet but also include common features that SharePoint does not currently include such as easy to navigate department or people directories. If you want to get up and running quickly and can compromise on some of your Intranet requirements then an out of the box Intranet could be for you.  Branding is taken care of by a quick branding exercise that sees your brand applied to the templates.

ThinkShare work with some of the leading suppliers of out of the box Intranets and can act as your expert deployment partner on a project that uses and Out of the Box Intranet. The value that we can offer includes Information Architecture discovery and mapping, content migration and user training & adoption.  If you are looking for an out of the box solution and want a skilled and independent delivery partner then please get in touch.