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Supporting your business communications

Business communications are vitally important nd can’t afford to be down for any length of time. Allow us to be an additional support for your workforce, help reduce downtime and keep you up to date with the latest features.

Maintaining communications

At ThinkShare we have had several years of experience working with Microsoft Teams and have a wealth of knowledge of the common complaints or issues. Therefore we canĀ give you solutions to your problems quickly.

Increasingly more is required of your internal IT teams, we can provide that added level of support and expertise to your existing IT team and be at the end of the phone when you have an urgent issue which needs resolving. Additionally,

if we can’t deal with the problem over the phone we can utilise our contacts within Microsoft to get wider support or we can take the time to build you a custom solution to your problem.

Microsoft Teams is an evolving platform with frequent updates and new features, we can keep you updated and advise you on how to best utilise these, thus allowing you to continue to get the most out of the software.

ThinkShare can help you maintain productivity by keeping you working and enable you to continually get value from the platform.

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Our PackagesĀ 

Call Support

The majority of the support we provide can be done over the phone. We will be on hand to answer users queries, problems and resolve bugs including liaising with Microsoft directly.

Support Days

Not everything can be solved over the phone so will have set days where we can build custom solutions for you or can come into your office to help resolve your problems in person.

Account Management

Our Account Managers will be on hand to ensure you are getting the support you need and can work with you on how best to support your workforce.

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