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Implementing Microsoft Teams

It’s important for businesses to have a modern and digital workplace to support employees to work flexibly and remotely. Microsoft Teams is an expert solution which can provide this and which ThinkShare can implement smoothly to your business.

Improving business communications

Microsoft Teams is a powerful, innovative solution which allows a workforce to Chat, Collaborate, hold Meetings and Calls as well as share files with ease and efficiency. Implementing new software takes time and consideration, especially if it is new to the business. We have years of experience working with Teams and know the pitfalls which can occur, and how to avoid them. We have a proven track record of providing clients with innovative solutions which have improved their business communications as well as increased productivity.


Business Voice

Business Voice allows you to receive calls through a cloud-based telephony solution which integrates with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. This allows you to manage your incoming calls as well as host meetings through direct routing into the same platform. We can provide the technical expertise required to direct your incoming calls into Teams as well as provide solutions to more complex problems such as call forwarding, group pick up and call recording. Learn more about Business Voice here.

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What we offer

We have years of experience working with clients to modernise their workforce and implementing this technology. Our implementation service for Microsoft Teams includes the following:



The first phase of our projects would be to understand your business and your specific requirements. At this point we would review your current set up and advise on how best to configure Teams to best suit your organisation. 


Next, we would connect the right numbers to Teams and set it up for you. This would involve acquiring licenses, assigning numbers, establishing call groups and migrating any documentation which was required as part of the project. 


Finally, we would provide indepth guides and training workshops with Product Champions who would be empowered with knowledge of the new software so that they could inform their colleagues both during and post roll out. 

Client projects

Ramblers UK

ThinkShare were tasked to design a modern intranet on SharePoint and design a Microsoft Teams solution so that their stakeholders remain connected and updated.

British Cycling

ThinkShare completed a project to create an Intranet, Board Portal and Microsoft Teams deployment for every rider in the British Cycling team. British Cycling have 300 users across the UK.

Our services

All our implementation services include Adoption and Change Management services where we ensure a positive roll-out by engaging with your employees and creating suitable communications plans and training. 

In addition to the above services, we can also offer EDRMS or Electronic Document Retention Management System for each team which allows you to better manage the lifespan of a document and when updates need to be made or if a file needs to be deleted.  

Implementation of new software can be intimidating and daunting but with our extensive experience and proven track record, you can trust ThinkShare to deliver your project. 

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