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Adoption and Change Management

Digital Transformation is never easy. Change is hard. But it is vital in order to ensure you achieve a modern, digital workplace. At ThinkShare we can support your organisation as you roll out Microsoft Teams or SharePoint.

Delivering a digital workplace

Creating a digital workplace is no easy task and requires planning, organisation and consideration to ensure success.

It is widely understood a central reason for failed adoption is due to lack of people management and engagement. By employing a Change Management strategy you will increase the likelihood of successful adoption of the new technology.

In addition, if you properly engage with your employees, taking the time to explain the benefits to them and your customers, you will increase their level of motivation to utilise the technology to it’s potential.

At ThinkShare, using the Prosci ADKAR model, we will engage with your employees, understand their concerns and needs and build a project plan bespoke for your company to maximise the successful adoption of the new software.

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Employee Engagement

Key to making business change is managing employees through consideration and communication. To increase adoption levels, we will listen to the concerns of employees, quantify the need for the change and create a communication plan for key target audiences within the business.

Training and Empowerment

Quality and relevant training and onboarding will be provided as part of the project, establishing internal Product Champions to aid with comprehensive adoption. We will work with you on which features are key for your employees and ensure they are empowered to utilise the software to its full potential.

Results and Reinforcement

Once completed we will review the results gained against the success factors as outlined at the start of the project and the value the project has added to your business. We will also advise on how to reinforce the adoption of the technology to ensure continued value to the business.

Our Packages

At ThinkShare we have worked with a range of organisations and have the resource to support different sizes. As change practitioners, we would come into your business understanding your requirements, create a communications and training plan then rolling out the training and onboarding ending the project with a final review and advise on any ongoing support requirements.

We offer a number of packages depending on your requirements and business size. All packages include days onsite understanding the business in detail, creating a communication and training plan, providing the training and onboarding as well as time for review and planning next steps. In addition, we can provide ongoing support packages and document management and retention training. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your organisation.

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